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In our workshop models of ships are constructed since 1991. All these years we have finished and delivered over than 120 ships miniatures (cargo, tankers, LPG, General Cargo, traditional, classic, historic sailing-ships, pleasure crafts) and even more complicated constructions.

The models are manufactured to whichever scale and material the customer wishes. Our pieces of work can be found in private collections, Museums, Shipping Companies, Travel bureaus, Hotels etc.

We construct the models mainly from special chosen wood. The pieces are processed with all the Micro shipbuilding rules, and are painted with special varnish, so they last long (over than 25 years). Part of this job you can see here.

Amonst the last years we have concluded in our historical constructions, the Trireme (Olympias) in two different scales 1:48 (75 cm)/ 1:36 (100 cm), and Bireme 1:25 (80 cm)/1:32 (63 cm).

Each model has its unique "mark" of the tools from the creator's hands.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact with us.



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